Cheesemaking Guide,
Pressed cheese
196 pages - 148 x 210 mm

  • Cheesemaking Guide - Pressed cheese Step-by-step 

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Do you want to diversify and expand your range of pressed paste cheeses, cooked or uncooked? This practical guide offers, in very concrete terms, recipes for a dozen iconic cheeses from this large family: Tomme grise, Trappist, Raclette, Cheddar, Gruyère style…

Cheesemaking technologist and instructor by profession, equally expert in the artisanal and industrial arenas, the author describes the precise steps to follow for each style, with adaptations and options throughout the process, including how to resolve occasional problems, while also including different configurations possible for equipment and tools.

Author: Sébastien Roustel is a cheese technology expert at CHR-Hansen. Prior to this he directed the research and development service at the Enilbio at Poligny. He also wrote the guide “Soft Paste Cheese, Step-by-Step”, published in this same collection.

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