Raw Milk Cheese Mission: Reconquer
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  • Raw Milk Cheese - Mission: reconquer 

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How did we get here? Jewel of French gastronomy, raw milk cheeses have, since 2019, been banned in school lunch programs for children under 5 years old. A decision that betrays the slow marginalization of a patrimony under attack for several decades due to sanitary pressure and changes in practices. For the rst time, a single work addresses the current situation of this world that has little by little lost its diversity, its luster, its identity and whose future is uncertain.

Continued impoverishment of milks, sanitary challenges, succession and knowledge transfer, best practices for animal husbandry and cheesemaking, economic valuation...: based on the most current research as well as the observations of numerous experts and professionals, this book addresses all aspects of the issue. It outlines the routes that can restore coherence and dynamics to the sector and invites participants to return to fundamentals and to the principles of microbial ecology.

The author
Journalist, Arnaud Sperat-­Czar is the Editor­ in­ Chief of ‘Profession Fromager’ and founder of the ‘Collectif Lait Cru’.