Naturkäserei Tegernseer-Land eG

German dairy co-operative

In the Bavarian Prealps, 60km south of Munich, the dairy co-operative Naturkäserei TegernseerLand eG (name derived from the neighbouring Lake Tegernsee) was created in 2007. Due to the milk crisis, 20 or so producers decided to group together and create a structure for producing and selling their own products in order to gain financial independence. ‘We started with nothing when the dairy opened its doors in 2010. In this rainy region, our farmers have succeeded in producing milk without silage, by making hay for the winter. They were pioneers in the matter,’ explains Florian Hauder, sales manager. As it’s also a tourist region, the dairy opens its doors to the public for demonstrations. They produce pressed cheeses, semi-soft cheeses like raclette (with raw milk), soft bloomy rind cheeses (thermised milk) and other fresh products.

Pressed, semi-soft, and soft bloomy rind cheeses, as well as other fresh produce