Bergers du Larzac (Les)

Aveyron co-operative and sheep’s cheese producer

The co-operative Les Bergers du Larzac, initiated in 1993 by 13 farmers in the village of La cavalerie, located on the plateau sharing the same name, currently groups together around twenty milk producers. They transform the milk in their 1955m2 building, and are respectful of the environment, notably due to the transformation of their outflow into biogas. They transform more than 2 million litres of ewe’s milk, and produce 433 tons of cheese. ‘We only produce ewe’s milk cheeses, including tommes aged in our natural cave, Pérail and ewe’s milk camembert. We have 25 different products’, explains Bertran Philippe, in the sales department.

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Brousse bio
Encalat bio
L'estaing bio
L'ougette bio
La nauc bio
Lo Perot bio
Lou Bren
Lou Larzac
Pérail laitier
Tome La Marotte
Tomme d'Estaing
Tomme Haut Barry