Ferme du Gennetay

Raw milk fromage frais producer

The Ferme du Gennetay cheese dairy shares their site with a dairy. They therefore transform their milk on site, but cannot use the title ‘farmstead’ for their cheeses. The Ferme du Gennetay transforms 120,000 litres of milk every year, producing mainly fromage frais, ‘with raw milk’, specifies Renaud Gruyer.
‘We produce the starter culture ourselves that we add to the milk, and we also use naturel rennet.’ In their range, the Ferme du Gennetay offers a variety of fromage frais: unsalted, flavoured (garlic, fines herbes, mixed pepper…),and ash-covered. They also produce faisselle and yogurts. The company bought out a little raw milk cheese aged with Coteaux du Layon at the end of 2012.

Fromage frais
Grise d’Anjou
Grise d’Anjou basilic
Grise d’Anjou Nigelle
Grise d’Anjou orties
Petit Léo