Tradext Fromages d’Irlande

Importer of Irish cheeses

Tradext International fromages d’Irlande, created in 2010, can be found on the wholesale market for agricultural produce in Rouen, and imports Irish cheeses. ‘You can find lots of French cheese in Ireland, but in France, Irish cheeses still aren’t very well known’, explains Thereze O’Haodh Leduc, born in Ireland and creator of the company. At the moment, the company works with 8 producers, including farmers and dairies.

‘Our aim is to tell the story of these producers and their cheeses. In Ireland, the system of ‘appellation’ doesn’t exist, and cheeses are different from one farm to the next’, explains Thereze O’Haodh Leduc. Irish cheeses that Tradext sells are mainly made with cow and goat’s milk, but there are a few made with sheep’s milk, and some are made with vegetable rennet.

Cooleeney, Cahills Whisky, Corleggy, Cashel Blue and other Irish specialities